Silence in the City

It is quite quiet here in midtown Miami tonight… for a Saturday night that is, usually when I sit in my soft and comfortable papasan chair nicely located in the 27th floor of Midtown 2 I’m accompanied by the never resting soundtrack of the city traffic, people yelling and walking down by the streets, horns calling residents to come out and join the party, etc. I ask myself could it have anything to do with this terrible economy? I myself hardly go out anymore on Saturday nights – I have exchanged going to the movies for netflix and itunes which conveniently provide me with everything I need… this is sad but true!  Biscayne blvd. is absolutely empty not even the homeless are out in the corners.  Is funny I always hate the noise of the city when im out here online and I try to block it out of my head so I can concentrate and tonight that is so quiet I kinda miss the freaking noise because I cant seem to think of anything else but the fact that is so quiet! Time for bed I think…Peace


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