Hidden Treasures in your Backyard

If you are like most people in Miami, you probably think that there is only 5  things to do here for fun; dining, going to the movies, partying in a club, visiting an art gallery or going to the beach.  WRONG – I urge you to give your city a chance!  Just recently I rediscovered Bayfront Park for example – who knew this little park stuck in the center of greasy downtown would have such wonders – This hidden urban oasis is filled with life and beauty not to mention all the activities that take place on a weekly basis that go sadly unnoticed to general public.  I dare you to become a tourist in your own city and I guarantee you that you will be amazed with your findings. The shots below are all from Bayfront Park and were all taken one  morning a couple of weeks ago, enjoy!!!

Some Facts:

Bayfront Park, was redesigned in the 1980s. An attractive feature is the electronically controlled Pepper Fountain. Other highlights include an amphitheater used for musical performances of all kinds, a tower for laser illuminations, and three important monuments: the Torch of Friendship, symbolizing Miami’s relationships with the countries of Central and South America; the World War II Memorial; and the Challenger Memorial, commemorating the crew of the Challenger spacecraft which exploded in 1986.

This are some black & white shots from there as well…enjoy


5 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures in your Backyard

  1. Aintcha got no pictures of boy hookers that populate that area of the city? Would love to see some teenage lad in daizy dukes and open shirt exposing hairy boy nipps and gold chains…use some thought when taking your pictures and try to match your audience’s needs. WORD

  2. These photos are truly exquisite. The perspectives, techniques, lighting – I can’t imagine the images you’ll capture as your eye & talent become even more developed (although I don’t know how much MORE beauty you can pry out of your camera). BEAUTIFUL photos. Bravo bravo.

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