Miami City of the Gods?

If you stop and smell the roses once in a while, you might see a God or two!  Miami’s lifestyle has a way of robbing its middle-class residents of the beauty and history that surrounds them.  Long work hours, insane traffic, speedy drivers who don’t seem to stop for  anything or anybody, and  constant cellphone conversations while in the car.  You could be missing some of the wonders that make this city worth visiting.  I guess what I am trying to say is, “live a little”, disconnect and explore the town.  You’ll be surprised to find many hidden wonders within walking distance.

During my hour of lunch today, I took a stroll around Brickell Avenue and part of South Miami Avenue near Mercy Hospital. Just look at what I stumbled upon:

The majestic statues are all over and I got see some of them during my one hour lunch today!


3 thoughts on “Miami City of the Gods?

  1. WOW!! These are amazing I love the third shot. I feel like I am looking at something that belongs in the ruins of Greece. Can’t believe this is in Miami. The lgihting on this is amazing.

  2. wow !!! watching your pictures is like reading a book from Dan Brown , people discover things in their own cities that they never suspected existed

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