A Visit To The Farm

Who doesn’t like a trip to the old barn? That’s right! The irresistible hay stacks, pony rides and petting zoo make the whole experience worth your while. So here I was  Saturday afternoon strolling down the tree paths of the old Amelia Earthart Natural Park in Hialeah in search of curious squirrels, goose,ducks and everything in between I could point my camera at. Ignoring the sounds of nearby birthday tents playing Reguetton and Salsa Music (this off course is due to the heavy latin population that take over this park on the weekends) I managed to find a few quiet moments of intimate encounters with some of the park most infamous residents, Oh and a rather violent episode involving a white goose who clearly didn’t like me or my camera and decided to show me the best mother nature can offer…lets just say I ran my ass off for quite some time there.  After 3 hours of walking,shooting and running from vicious goose  under the heat of the mighty Florida sun, I decided it was time to end my journey and peacefully park my fanny near the lake and rest!….ahhhhhhhhh so nice and breezy until I realize that I was sitting near an ant colony and judging by the pain of the bites I endured by the some of it members they weren’t happy so I fled in terror back to my car and that was the grand finally.  Hope you enjoy some of the photos I took below;

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4 thoughts on “A Visit To The Farm

  1. Well, you do not have to go so far to take pics of animals, we have a Zoo at home practically, lol. The pictures r beautiful babe, you know that. Luv u.. and keep it up!!…:)

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