It’s A Spotty Birthday For Shanti!

Today is all about my little girl Shanti. Turning 6 years old this spotty hottie still looks like a young and stylish pup. She has kept her figure, her stamina and her undeniable beauty.  These past few years she has brought everyone that knows her but specially me a great deal of joy and happiness and therefore she deserves to live a 100 years more! For those of you who don’t know, her name means “Peace” and it derives from the ancient hindu/indina language; SANSKRIT…and yes as surprising as it may sound she is a Dalmatian and contrary to some belief although she can be hyper at times, she is a wonderful quiet dog as well, great with children, other dogs and even other animals. She makes my life so much better everyday and I only hope she can see how much I love her not only today on her birthday but every single day! I love you my princess…Happy Birthday

Nothing like that face to brighten my day!

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