Who Said Living Under A Bridge Was Ugly

If you are ever tight on money you can always consider going under A BRIDGE…imagine; free roof over your head, plenty of food if you can catch it, waterfront property with a swimming lake, well ventilated on both sides(perfect for Miami’s hot weather) and let’s not forget beautiful sunrise/sunset views, Pet friendly, plenty of Privacy from the neighbors, no condo or homeowner’s association, and finally no property taxes…Just kidding Homelessness is a serious issue and that deserves much attention from our community. Meanwhile have you ever seen been under a bridge during the twilight hours – its amazing! See below;

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One thought on “Who Said Living Under A Bridge Was Ugly

  1. When I first began reading this blog… Well you can just imagine my face. Thank god you are kidding!!! Lol once again great pictures.. Amazing what one can capture with the lens.

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