Mimo: An Adorable Cat-astrophe

Looking at this little furry body as he yawns in irresistible cuteness makes it all worth it. BUT! Let me digress to five minutes before when he was jumping all around the furniture stretching his over-sized claws (I swear those things are huge, not to mention sharp as knives) on my brand new white leather sofa…ouch! Knocking down everything on his path from remote controls to magazines at the speed of light, catching him is near to impossible unless you’re holding an open can of Fancy-Feast.

Unable to reason with this mini-lion, I had to take some measures to ensure the safety of my valuables. Two trips to Target, three cover blankets, and $35.00 later my whole apartment was finally “Kitten-Proof” not even a drunk baby could get hurt in there. You might ask, what about the dogs Shanty my Dalmatian and Yuna my Jack-Russell Mix? Well…they have also fallen victims of  Mimo, “The Conquistador” who has managed to conquer areas in my apartment like the sofa, counter, bedroom, and bathroom which are strictly forbidden to the dogs. (In other words they are pretty jealous) but at the end of day who can say no to this adorable face.

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10 thoughts on “Mimo: An Adorable Cat-astrophe

  1. They’re cuteness belies their evil plot: bent on destruction and displacement of The Dogs, the Leather Sofa, the Birds, the Lizards, the Glasses & Cups in The Kitchen, Your Heart & Soul! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just keep him off the balcony!!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful kitten. I am sure he’ll make a perfect familiar. Love the last photo. Very interesting angle looking at him from upside down. Make sure you get him spayed/neuter and all his shots in time. The sooner you get him spayed/neuter the less likely he will be to spray your place and furniture. Cat urine is very tough to remove, and the odor will last for weeks even if you use any of the available retail products to remove cat urine. You don’t want your guest sitting on a sofa infused with kitty pee, lol. Oh before I forget, get your self an external flash, bounce the light from your walls/ceiling and you will love indoor flash photography. Avoid using the camera flash as it usually renders very unnatural results, especially for cats.

    • Thank you Edelson, I agree with you, the last photo is also my favorite – I like unusual angles and yes the external flash is a must have, but money is lacking these days so it will have to wait,jeje Mimo is definitely getting neutered & vaccinated right away, trust me I know having worked for Humane Society in the past really opened my eyes to the many benefits of neutering/spaying my animals…I’m a huge animal activist and believe the only way we are going to solve the Pet-overpopulation issue in our community is to take some responsibility and fix our pets.

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