A Tragic Legacy We Must Never Forget

Ok, so I know most people don’t usually like to see photos that are depressing or gruesome in a way, but as a photographer I must try to capture images that are powerful and capable of stirring our human emotions.(to a certain extend off course) I think what makes photography so powerful is the message it can convey in a single photograph. This weekend I took a trip to the “Holocaust Memorial” located in Miami Beach and what I experienced while taking some of these shots was nothing less than heart-breaking. Most of the Sculptures are life size which makes you connect to them immediately, as I walked down the long hallways which were embedded with millions of names of those victims from the holocaust, I started to transport myself to that time and became one of them.  The sounds of children angelically singing in the background enhance your emotions as you walk further in reaching the circular dome where the main sculpture is located. As I got near to the center of the dome I felt as if I myself was walking towards a gas chamber and grabbing my camera became a bit difficult at times. The expression on the faces of these statues are so frightening that you leave these place haunted by the memories of those poor souls.  I truly experience something supernatural this weekend and I have the utmost respect for the artist who build this memorial because he truly did captured the essence of this horrific era for humanity.  This said, I hope no one ever forgets , so that it never happens again.

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19 thoughts on “A Tragic Legacy We Must Never Forget

  1. Wow! I always seen that big statue arm/hand and thought it was cool. I never took a close look. great shots! really sad. I think next weekend I will go see it live up and close! very sad!

  2. These shots are extremely powerful images and they portray tragedies committed that should never be forgotten. The juxtaposition of the beauty man can capture with his art and the destruction and annihilation man can acheive with his hate is very moving.

  3. Incredible photos! I must admit that I was unaware of this exhibit, though the images are somehow familiar to me. They are not unlike my own premonitions about the future – the premonitions that inspired me to write “A View From The Outside.” 😐

    Thank you very much for your visit to my blog. I would’ve never seen your amazing photos otherwise. 😀

  4. Incredible seems to be the word for all of us. This is very powerful, thank you for sharing it.. I particularly like the one of the brick ‘tunnel’. Next time you’re in DC, go to the Holocaust museum there, it’s an extremely emotional visit.

    • Emotional for sure! – Actually someone was telling me about the DC Museum today at work – I can’t wait to go – I have been to DC before but never knew about it! Thank You!!!

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