Sometimes I Wonder What They Think of Me!

Is it safe to say, my dogs love me? I always thought so, but in the past couple of days I have been analyzing their behavior and wanted to share my results: Ok so we all can probably agree that our furry beggars are always excited to see us come home at the end of the day, or when they wake us up in the morning with a friendly lick or two, but I’m starting to think that there is something more to it…MANIPULATION! I have realized that I am the center of attention in their life, and not much else, with this said, they spent all their time observing me; my patters; my gestures; my moods; my reactions; the tones of my voice; my smell…and taking careful notes that are crucial to their plan of “Calling the Shots”. For example Shanty & Yuna are eager to see me every morning because they know that’s when they get fed, and walked. All that licking, jumping and happiness quickly wines down when they are done stuffing their face – they go back to their bed and pretend I don’t exist…I am unto you two!!!

The breakdown goes something like this:

Their Objective: Total Owner-Domination

Their Weapons: Puppy Face, the Licks, the tail wagging, the cute tricks, and the Doggie Talk

Their Advantages: Plenty of time to observe the target (in this case, me) and expose our weakness

Collateral Damage: Shoes, Toilet Paper, Pillows, Carpet, Other non-canine pets, Toys, etc.

Funding: Paid by the target unfortunately

End Result: They study us so well that they know what to do in order get to us to fulfill their needs, and then some.

I guess I have no choice but to be the casualty on this battlefield because regardless of whether their actions are genuine or not, I still love them!

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19 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wonder What They Think of Me!

  1. This picture is absolutely adorable! I love their facial expressions! I can’t believe Shanty and Yuna have ulterior motives! Doesn’t change anything though….I still love them ❤

  2. You know… I’ve had this exact same thought many times. They know when you’re approachable and when you’re in a bad mood. I’ve actually analyzed his (Lestat) level of intelligence. He knows WHAT I think is adorable and WHEN to do it. It amazes me. TOTAL manipulation! I do have to say something in his defense; with these “manipulation techniques” THE SMILES FLOW! He brings me so much joy when he gives paw for something he wants out of nowhere and melts my heart when he presses his face flat on my lap while he stands (of course because he’s asking for something). In the end I will sum it up by saying, “who cares?” They are cute, know it and know how to use it! What’s wrong with that? I think the same way… LOL 

  3. Gotta say that they DO return much for what we give them. There are many HUMANS who play puppy face to get what they want – and don’t give you as much in return 🙂

  4. Yuna looks so adorable and cute! Shanti shinning like always! great picture of the 2 most beautful dogs inside and out!

  5. That photo IS adorable! 😀

    I also think that you’re on to something here. There are many examples in nature where evolution has provided so-called “weaker” beings an edge to help them survive and prosper. All babies (including puppies) are born with faces their parents cannot ignore, and you certainly qualify as “parent” in this case, by being the pack leader.

    I’m reminded of a couple of things I saw on TV about this. One described how our love for dogs has caused us, in the space of just over a hundred years, to dramatically expand the number of dog species just so that we can have one that everyone envies. The second said the something very similar about orchids, and how the value we place on them has given them an advantage they never would have had otherwise.

    • You are so right Mak! is incredible how we have created different species – and I just heard that we created the first living cell out of a computer generated DNA.

  6. I think you are mistaken my friend!!! You are being confused and thrown offf by the new feline vibes in your home. I have been hired by your hijos caninos to act as an advocate on their behalf and defend their loyalty to you!!! Focus your attention on the true manipulator…. He has fish breath and uses litter……lol beautiful picture I absolutely love it. Keep it coming please!!!

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