Small can be Grand!

My dad once said to me “the beauty of life is in the smallest of details” we often go about our daily lives dismissing the little things around us, birds, small plants, insects, etc. Truly depriving ourselves from the vast lessons we could learn from them. One of the things in particular is “Unity” in the microscopic world that surrounds us, most of its residents work together as a team to achieve great things! I was driving by the everglades last weekend and made a few stops: The first photo you see here is of a young ” Eastern Lubber Grasshopper” very friendly indeed, this little guy had no issue crawling through my hands while enjoying his “Five Minutes of Fame”.

The second photo is the “Adult” version, these grasshoppers go through a few dress changes before they reach maturity but they save the best outfit for last! Fashion is no issue here… But don’t let these small clumsy characters fool you, when they go to dinner they bring all their family and friends with them and it’s not pretty. Grasshoppers destroy 80 million dollars worth of crops in the united states every year. (not so little now..ha) and unlike many insects they live a long life about 8-10 months, so its’s almost an all year round “all you can eat buffet”.

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Risky, But So Worth It!

I have always wondered why some say that photography is a “Risky Business”, standing, pointing, and shooting does not sound dangerous to me. WRONG! It all depends where you stand, what you are pointing at, and when you actually plan on shooting at it. I’m obsessed with skylines and I am always looking for the best angles to capture a good photo of the city skycrapers…Well this past weekend I realized I had to put my life in danger to do so. Yes that’s right (I hope my mom is not reading this or she’ll be pissed) in order to capture the shots you see below I had to positioned myself in the highest point of the 836 highway ramp that takes you to downtown Miami. Everyone who has ever taken this ramp knows that is heavy with traffic and cars fly through at the speed of light (also not the best drivers in the world) so the fact that I was merely standing right in the middle of it made me an Idiot (although I like to think of the term “Dedicated Photographer) the point is I did it – I took a risk and I’m very happy with the results, so mom get mad if you must! – I also hung outside the rails of a bridge 500 feet in the air that goes into the “Miami Port”, to take photos of the Bayside Marina and a few other boats and finally I stood in the middle of incoming traffic to shoot the “Freedom Tower”. I did get heavily sunburned if that counts as anything.

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Divine Trash

Trash indeed, is unfortunate to see so many forgotten classics slowly decaying on street corners throughout the city. This red rear-entrance double-deck Routemaster is one of those buses that once defined the streets of Britain and now sits in an empty dirt lot in Overtown. Shame, Shame, Shame…and some try to cover other beauties with their own visions of art…mmm I’m not convinced. I think some of these vehicles deserve a better future since they mark different eras of the human culture, but that’s just me. What do you think?

I’m Not Religious, But…

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I went for a walk during my lunch hour. Hidden deep in the heart of downtown Miami I stumbled upon a great architectural beauty. Despite the fact that I m not a fan of churches in general, I could not escape the trance. I never thought this busy, congested somewhat modern city still housed such an old structure from before World War II. Yes particularly ” The Gesu Catholic Church” which was built in 1896, the same year the city of Miami was named and incorporated therefore making this house of worship the oldest one in our backyard! Here are a few shots I took – Mind you, I had to climb the stairs of a nearby parking lot all the way to the 8th floor in order to capture some of these images and I got drenched in sweat, so much for the 21st century , the elevators were broken that day 😦

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