Risky, But So Worth It!

I have always wondered why some say that photography is a “Risky Business”, standing, pointing, and shooting does not sound dangerous to me. WRONG! It all depends where you stand, what you are pointing at, and when you actually plan on shooting at it. I’m obsessed with skylines and I am always looking for the best angles to capture a good photo of the city skycrapers…Well this past weekend I realized I had to put my life in danger to do so. Yes that’s right (I hope my mom is not reading this or she’ll be pissed) in order to capture the shots you see below I had to positioned myself in the highest point of the 836 highway ramp that takes you to downtown Miami. Everyone who has ever taken this ramp knows that is heavy with traffic and cars fly through at the speed of light (also not the best drivers in the world) so the fact that I was merely standing right in the middle of it made me an Idiot (although I like to think of the term “Dedicated Photographer) the point is I did it – I took a risk and I’m very happy with the results, so mom get mad if you must! – I also hung outside the rails of a bridge 500 feet in the air that goes into the “Miami Port”, to take photos of the Bayside Marina and a few other boats and finally I stood in the middle of incoming traffic to shoot the “Freedom Tower”. I did get heavily sunburned if that counts as anything.

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10 thoughts on “Risky, But So Worth It!

  1. It is true that “nothing ventured nothing gained” however PLEASE be careful!!! With that said (I hope your mom won’t be mad at me for encouraging you) your art can only grow with passion, dedication and some sacrifice (just not your life!) so go for it!!! As I can see your risk was well calculated and your shots are GORGEOUS. You have allowed me to see Miami in a totally different way. Also, you should wear sunscreen, because well, you know how I feel about skincare. Keep it up!!!

    • You are so right about the sun screen it would have helped a whole lot. Thank you for you words of wisdom and your support my friend – you are the best!

  2. Absolutely marvelous shots. Glad you made it out of all those risking shots in one piece. Keep them coming my Charlie.

  3. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right – or not at all. These are beautiful photos. And remember, most artists’ work is only recognized after they’re gone, so if you happen to slip…well, I’ll make sure The Jasmandii Exhibit takes the world by storm. Just kidding. No slipping. 🙂

  4. Beautiful. The last picture looks like its from a different era….as if you went back in time….I love them!

  5. These are beautiful pictures — but careful there! Life is without a question more beautiful and valuable. One self must take risks in life all the time but we must be wise, create a balance and always take care of ourselves first. There is always a way to follow our dreams. Thanks for sharing these with us. It will be interesting to get feedback from other photographers.
    The world needs you alive!
    Roberto JImenez, LMFT, LMHC

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