Small can be Grand!

My dad once said to me “the beauty of life is in the smallest of details” we often go about our daily lives dismissing the little things around us, birds, small plants, insects, etc. Truly depriving ourselves from the vast lessons we could learn from them. One of the things in particular is “Unity” in the microscopic world that surrounds us, most of its residents work together as a team to achieve great things! I was driving by the everglades last weekend and made a few stops: The first photo you see here is of a young ” Eastern Lubber Grasshopper” very friendly indeed, this little guy had no issue crawling through my hands while enjoying his “Five Minutes of Fame”.

The second photo is the “Adult” version, these grasshoppers go through a few dress changes before they reach maturity but they save the best outfit for last! Fashion is no issue here… But don’t let these small clumsy characters fool you, when they go to dinner they bring all their family and friends with them and it’s not pretty. Grasshoppers destroy 80 million dollars worth of crops in the united states every year. (not so little now..ha) and unlike many insects they live a long life about 8-10 months, so its’s almost an all year round “all you can eat buffet”.

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13 thoughts on “Small can be Grand!

  1. Excellent photos! Grasshoppers were my favorite as a kid, but learning about the damage they can do (including that done by locusts) gave me a whole new appreciation for them! 😀

  2. your photos are truly incredible, and i love that you are capturing life’s smallest of details. i agree with your dad, that is where the true beauty is.

    best of luck.

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