My First Attempt At Portrait

My dear friend Ariana was kind enough to be my lab rat on these photos you see below. I have never tried photographing people professionally and I want to gain some experience. We decided to venture into a few spots around Miami and we pulled it off with literally no help but our bare hands. I learned a lot during this experiment and now I understand why photographers that shoot for fashion travel with a whole crew of assistants. I also learned it would be much better to do this type of “On Location Shoot” during the winter months because Miami’s hot and humid weather this past Saturday was not funny. Not funny at all! Never the less we managed to pull through 5 hours of sweat. I want to thank my beautiful model and dear friend Ariana once more for helping me out!

Without A Care In The WorldShot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL

Touched By The Light
Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL

Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL 

Youth, Divine Treasure
Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL 

Cat Eyes
Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL 

Come Closer
Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL 

Day Dream
Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL 

Get Funky
Shot in  Wynwood, Overtown FL 

Caught In Mid Air
Shot in the Venetian Islands, Miami FL 

Her Wild Side
Shot in the Venetian Islands, Miami FL

Glamour In The Woods
Shot in the Venetian Islands, Miami FL

Autum Bliss
Shot in the Venetian Islands, Miami FL

The Last Desire
Shot in  Midtown II, Miami FL
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14 thoughts on “My First Attempt At Portrait

  1. I don’t know that first thing about the “art” of photography, but I know what I like. I think these images, and the model in them, are awesome! 😀

  2. My Charlie what an amazing first attempt this was. Your pictures are flawless and your friend looks absolutely stunning. I’m so very proud of you. Looking forward to your next set of photos.

    • Thank you my Angel as always your opinion is very important to me – Im lgad you liked them – why dont we setp up a photoshoot for the babies and you guys one of thse saturdays. Let me know muahh

  3. Piti the pictures came out very good. I’m just wondering, you went to different locations? man! All in one day? I took the weekend off, but by the time I had remembered you were on your adventure, so I didn’t call… next time I might be able to help you.
    Keep up with the good work, it looks great.

  4. Amazing for being the first time! You are very talented and know you are going to be very sucessful! and using Araina was smart..she is beautiful!

  5. That photoshoot was amazing…Good choice picking her, she looks stunning..BTW if your interested I have two cute little girls, maybe you want to do something involving them…Congrats..

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