Living on the Ledge

My name is Ares and I am 8 years old. I have the best life – I am gorgeous and everyone knows it, plus I live rent-free and eat & drink all I want and I don’t pay taxes.  I was rescued from euthanasia back when I was just a baby in Animal Services by the owner of this blog who I have learned not to respect anymore since I discovered he will still feed me no matter what I do, jejeje I’m so bad! Please leave comments about this photo I need to fill my ego a bit more! Meow…ppprrrrrr


10 thoughts on “Living on the Ledge

  1. Nice capture Joan. Ares looks majestic sitting on that cabinet. I guess Mimo was the second addition to the feline clan. You should post some shots of both of them together.

  2. I love cats because they seem so self-contained. I heard a joke once, comparing the attitudes of cats versus dogs, that said that dogs think of us as gods because of the way we protect them, care for them, and fill their every need. It went on to say how cats thought of THEMSELVES as gods – for precisely the same reasons! 😀

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