Beautifully Deadly

From time to time I visit the Everglades, I drive around and stop whenever I see something interesting, it’s my way of capturing decent photos when I don’t have the money to get into the actual National Park. These shots are from the surrounding areas of the Tamiami trail road. Again I forgot how dangerous the wilderness really is as I ventured into the other side of an old wooden bridge that divides the canal adjacent to the main road from the actual wilderness. I was lured by the presence of a sort of friendly young gator that kept getting closer to the shore as if he was intrigued by me. After taking many shots of the young reptile I started to gain confidence and thought we had become buddies so I decided…STUPID ME… to get really close to him(about 3 feet) thinking well he is not that big he will get scared of me if anything and flop away…yeah right! What was I thinking? Clearly I have been watching too much the Discovery channel. So there I was so close to this gator he could shake my hand or me for that matter when I suddenly realized he was not flopping away instead he slowly started to approach the shore and that’s When I completely panicked and tried moving backwards and I fell back hitting my tripod behind me which made a loud noise…Bam!!!! and the gator turned away and went under water, I flew out of there at the speed of light with my heart in my hands. Never again Joan I said to myself as I walked back to my truck heavily breathing, never again!!! I have a whole new respect for those scientist that get in the water with those Alligators on “Animal Planet”. I will be posting some more photos of my scary buddy later in the week, for now enjoy some of the other landscapes I shot which didn’t involve me risking my life. I hope my mother doesn’t read this post or she’ ll be pissed.

Gone With The Wind

My Buddy


A Piece Of The Puzzle


A Leap Of Faith



A Window To A Brighter Tomorrow

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