All The Hugs And Kisses In The World Are Not Enough


If there is one day out of the year when true love is in the air is on….No, not Valentine’s Day or Christmas Morning,  is “Mother’s Day” Yes, that’s right! Despite our busy lives, work schedules, meetings etc. We all tend to make time for Mom and assure she feels all the Love we can give. It is the one thing we make happen no matter what. On this day you will see flowers being delivered, restaurants completely booked for brunch and kids holding drawings with pink and red hearts waiting anxiously to see her face.

It’s a universal truth that moms deserve all we can give and more – it’s their unconditional love and care for us that makes them so special. The ability to look at our imperfections and see only perfection, the talent of having the patience when no one else in the world would, and the need to protect and defend us against all odds even when it means giving up their own lives.


A mother should be celebrated and appreciated every day of the year whether is a quick call or text to ask how  her day is going, or a gentle kiss accompanied by a hug should let her know she is loved and appreciated and it’s probably the best gift we can offer her.


Time flies, today’s moments become distant memories in the blink of an eye and sometimes regret will crawl in. Don’t ever take your mom for granted or your Dad for that matter, but that’s another post. Do things with her, spend time building memories or simply hanging out. If you live far away from her, then visit more often, life is short and often we don’t realize what we have until; we’ve lost it.

Finally, take lots of photos with your mom, some of the best photo shoots we’ve had at Jasmandii Studios have been with our moms. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Moms in the world!


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