Jasmandii Photography

22862a_0443fb8a230e4d0d99501bf476a4268c.jpg_srz_p_626_417_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzJasmandii Photography is a fine art studio that offers clients the chance to explore their sensual side through contemporary and vintage photography in the categories of Boudoir, Pinup, and Belly Dancing. In addition to several general portraits.

Jasmandii Photography Studios, originated in Miami, Florida in 2010. Created by Joan Sanchez, a photographer/videographer who after years of working as a freelancer, decided to expand to a more artistic branch of the industry such as Boudoir and Pinup photography. Together with his life partner Dairo Rodriguez who is also a native of Miami, they manage all aspects of the business and create incredible artistic results.

Why does our work stand out from the rest?

Our team creates special custom portraits just for you. We don’t just take your picture and fix colors or do some basic retouching. All of the magazine-quality retouching and airbrushing is tailored to each image and done by hand to make you look absolutely incredible. We have limited number of sessions in order to deliver excellent results and make sure you get all of our attention. You may find cheaper prices elsewhere but we believe in quality over quantity and will not lower our artistic photographic standards just to get more clientele.

Specialty: Portraits, Boudoir, Pin-Up, Belly Dancing/Indian, Fitness, and Pet Photography



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