MOM…..You Still Got It Going On!

Who says women pass a “certain age” can’t have glamour photo shoots? My mother sure can put that theory to the test! I won’t say her age because she will be reading this and I will never hear the end of it but I will be 29 years old this year so you get the picture. I hope that by sharing these photos I can inspire some of you to spend a whole day with your mother and give her photo shoot – I promise you won’t regret it and it will be a great memory that will stay with both of you for the rest of your lives. We take our parents for granted and don’t make enough time to see them and enjoy them before they are taken from us too soon. We think they are eternal and don’t like to imagine a life without them but unfortunately that will come for all of us and the only thing that remains are memories which somehow has the magic to help us re-live a moment that was special to us. I wanted to do this for a long time take my mom and spend a whole day just taking photos and laughing – I can say I loved our day together, we both had tons of fun and even her husband who is not to easy to please had a couple of laughs along the way! I recommend this to anyone with a camera and a willing mother! lol here we go…

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Beautifully Deadly

From time to time I visit the Everglades, I drive around and stop whenever I see something interesting, it’s my way of capturing decent photos when I don’t have the money to get into the actual National Park. These shots are from the surrounding areas of the Tamiami trail road. Again I forgot how dangerous the wilderness really is as I ventured into the other side of an old wooden bridge that divides the canal adjacent to the main road from the actual wilderness. I was lured by the presence of a sort of friendly young gator that kept getting closer to the shore as if he was intrigued by me. After taking many shots of the young reptile I started to gain confidence and thought we had become buddies so I decided…STUPID ME… to get really close to him(about 3 feet) thinking well he is not that big he will get scared of me if anything and flop away…yeah right! What was I thinking? Clearly I have been watching too much the Discovery channel. So there I was so close to this gator he could shake my hand or me for that matter when I suddenly realized he was not flopping away instead he slowly started to approach the shore and that’s When I completely panicked and tried moving backwards and I fell back hitting my tripod behind me which made a loud noise…Bam!!!! and the gator turned away and went under water, I flew out of there at the speed of light with my heart in my hands. Never again Joan I said to myself as I walked back to my truck heavily breathing, never again!!! I have a whole new respect for those scientist that get in the water with those Alligators on “Animal Planet”. I will be posting some more photos of my scary buddy later in the week, for now enjoy some of the other landscapes I shot which didn’t involve me risking my life. I hope my mother doesn’t read this post or she’ ll be pissed.

Gone With The Wind

My Buddy


A Piece Of The Puzzle


A Leap Of Faith



A Window To A Brighter Tomorrow

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Wandering Far Away

These photos below I took before I had a professional camera, some of them are with my iphone and regular digital camera, but never the less I still think they are quite beautiful and I wanted to share them in hopes of inspiring people to take beautiful photos even with their cellphone.

Church Street in Charleston, South Carolina

“Agora,”  Grant Park, Chicago -by Polish artist Magdalena Abakanowicz

Farm by the Road, Wisteria, Ohio

Old Building, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Autumn, Nashville, Tennessee

River Path, Park City, Utah

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A Visit To The Farm

Who doesn’t like a trip to the old barn? That’s right! The irresistible hay stacks, pony rides and petting zoo make the whole experience worth your while. So here I was  Saturday afternoon strolling down the tree paths of the old Amelia Earthart Natural Park in Hialeah in search of curious squirrels, goose,ducks and everything in between I could point my camera at. Ignoring the sounds of nearby birthday tents playing Reguetton and Salsa Music (this off course is due to the heavy latin population that take over this park on the weekends) I managed to find a few quiet moments of intimate encounters with some of the park most infamous residents, Oh and a rather violent episode involving a white goose who clearly didn’t like me or my camera and decided to show me the best mother nature can offer…lets just say I ran my ass off for quite some time there.  After 3 hours of walking,shooting and running from vicious goose  under the heat of the mighty Florida sun, I decided it was time to end my journey and peacefully park my fanny near the lake and rest!….ahhhhhhhhh so nice and breezy until I realize that I was sitting near an ant colony and judging by the pain of the bites I endured by the some of it members they weren’t happy so I fled in terror back to my car and that was the grand finally.  Hope you enjoy some of the photos I took below;

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