MOM…..You Still Got It Going On!

Who says women pass a “certain age” can’t have glamour photo shoots? My mother sure can put that theory to the test! I won’t say her age because she will be reading this and I will never hear the end of it but I will be 29 years old this year so you get the picture. I hope that by sharing these photos I can inspire some of you to spend a whole day with your mother and give her photo shoot – I promise you won’t regret it and it will be a great memory that will stay with both of you for the rest of your lives. We take our parents for granted and don’t make enough time to see them and enjoy them before they are taken from us too soon. We think they are eternal and don’t like to imagine a life without them but unfortunately that will come for all of us and the only thing that remains are memories which somehow has the magic to help us re-live a moment that was special to us. I wanted to do this for a long time take my mom and spend a whole day just taking photos and laughing – I can say I loved our day together, we both had tons of fun and even her husband who is not to easy to please had a couple of laughs along the way! I recommend this to anyone with a camera and a willing mother! lol here we go…

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From He 2 She: Digital Plastic Surgery?

Anyone who has witness a crossdresser knows the amount of work it takes to transform a “testosterone-shaped face and body” into a “glamorous estrogen beauty.” The world of digital technology has evolved immensely in the last decade specially when it comes to digital images and the way we can manipulate them to achieve our desired results. One software stands out from the rest since it has been widely used in the professional and top of the line media outlets to retouch and finalize their images to perfection, “Photoshop” yes magic is possible at least inside the computer monitor.  This program allows us to be creative in ways we ourselves haven’t even thought of!  I have been teaching myself for years  on how to use some of the tools to ensure I get the best out of my photos.  Now I wanted to share with you guys some of the things I have done in the last couple of weeks. I will be showing how I retouched a series of images in order to achieve the feminine results of some photos that began with a man simply dressed up as woman.  This is my friend Neftali, he was nice enough to pose for me. Please note that he is not wearing any padding or waste reducer – all he is wearing is a wig, feminine clothing , and some regular make up.

Neftali Before

Neftali After

Ready To Party


GIrls Just Wanna Have Fun


Winter Laughs


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My First Attempt At Portrait

My dear friend Ariana was kind enough to be my lab rat on these photos you see below. I have never tried photographing people professionally and I want to gain some experience. We decided to venture into a few spots around Miami and we pulled it off with literally no help but our bare hands. I learned a lot during this experiment and now I understand why photographers that shoot for fashion travel with a whole crew of assistants. I also learned it would be much better to do this type of “On Location Shoot” during the winter months because Miami’s hot and humid weather this past Saturday was not funny. Not funny at all! Never the less we managed to pull through 5 hours of sweat. I want to thank my beautiful model and dear friend Ariana once more for helping me out!

Without A Care In The WorldShot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL

Touched By The Light
Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL

Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL 

Youth, Divine Treasure
Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL 

Cat Eyes
Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL 

Come Closer
Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL 

Day Dream
Shot in  Amelia Earthart , Hialeah FL 

Get Funky
Shot in  Wynwood, Overtown FL 

Caught In Mid Air
Shot in the Venetian Islands, Miami FL 

Her Wild Side
Shot in the Venetian Islands, Miami FL

Glamour In The Woods
Shot in the Venetian Islands, Miami FL

Autum Bliss
Shot in the Venetian Islands, Miami FL

The Last Desire
Shot in  Midtown II, Miami FL
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A Tragic Legacy We Must Never Forget

Ok, so I know most people don’t usually like to see photos that are depressing or gruesome in a way, but as a photographer I must try to capture images that are powerful and capable of stirring our human emotions.(to a certain extend off course) I think what makes photography so powerful is the message it can convey in a single photograph. This weekend I took a trip to the “Holocaust Memorial” located in Miami Beach and what I experienced while taking some of these shots was nothing less than heart-breaking. Most of the Sculptures are life size which makes you connect to them immediately, as I walked down the long hallways which were embedded with millions of names of those victims from the holocaust, I started to transport myself to that time and became one of them.  The sounds of children angelically singing in the background enhance your emotions as you walk further in reaching the circular dome where the main sculpture is located. As I got near to the center of the dome I felt as if I myself was walking towards a gas chamber and grabbing my camera became a bit difficult at times. The expression on the faces of these statues are so frightening that you leave these place haunted by the memories of those poor souls.  I truly experience something supernatural this weekend and I have the utmost respect for the artist who build this memorial because he truly did captured the essence of this horrific era for humanity.  This said, I hope no one ever forgets , so that it never happens again.

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

And the story begins with an innocent stroll around the park in Midtown a few weeks ago when I decided to take the camera for a walk hoping to catch something interesting…little did I know that I was going to be plunged into a 2010 cuban version of  the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock ‘s Classic Horror Film “The Birds”   – You all know I am a huge animal lover, but for some reason birds have it out for me! First that crazy goose who chased me around for 20 minutes during my visit to the farm and now this. I don’t get it, I  was never one of those kids who threw rocks at them when I was young or anything so I’m guessing its deeper…I must be paying for something I did in one of my past lives…anyways back to me walking by the park when suddenly I see this baby pigeon on the sidewalk, and  like any good-hearted yuppie I approached it immediately to see what was wrong.  BIG MISTAKE! I got attacked by a dozen or so crows that apparently had been feasting on the poor defenseless bird who most likely fell from its nest. I took the baby bird while I ran shouting & cursing loudly at the peak of my “cuban chusmeria” and I threw one of my flip-flops at them – I swear it looked like a scene from the “Que Pasa USA Show” and those suckers would not stop until I finally was able to get away…Here is a photo a took of the baby pigeon once the danger was over.

Sadly soon after I took this photo I realized that the this little guy was really hurt, bleeding from his chest, so I hurried and got in my truck and flew towards the Pelican Rescue on 79th Ave in North Bay Village. I know they take injured birds and although it was already getting dark they have these cages outside where you can put the injured animal and they monitor those cages every hour to check for drop offs.  A few minutes after swarming through the traffic I got there and found the drop-off cage and I placed it inside.  To my surprise there was a friendly Pelican at the door who didn’t seemed to hate me so I took a photo of him too.

I only hope the pigeon survived the injuries.  I didn’t call back the next morning – I didn’t want to know, but At least I gave it a fighting chance!  Oh and by the way – look how nice the Marina looks at dusk over by this place.

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My Mother: “The Eternal Miss Congeniality”

Style, beauty and poise never lacked in this native cubana, armed with an endless sense of humor, a truck load of courage, and the determination of warrior, she has conquered life among other things…Since I can remember my mom has always been surrounded by great friends so I grew up learning to appreciate friendship thanks to her. It’s incredible till this day she still maintains close relationships with most of her childhood friends regardless of the fact that they are in different countries.

Most of my childhood memories have to do with my mom doing some kind of singing or dancing… oh and laughing profusely about silly things. During the course of her career as an English teacher while I was still a child she managed to never lose track of her loved ones and she played the role of motherhood to perfection. We had many dogs roaming our house when I was kid because my mother loved animals and always did her best to rescue them and protect them, this love taught me humility and kindness and it has inspired me my entire life. Thanks Mom!

Not all has been fun and games for her unfortunately, my grandmother who was scheduled to travel with us when we first came to the US from Cuba back in 1993 suddenly passed away 2 weeks before our departure. The loss of my grandmother was devastating for both of us, specially for my mom who had lost my grandfather the year before and which need to cope with the fact that she was going to be completely alone in a new country with a 10 year old to raise (Me) by herself.

Upon our arrival to Miami my mother immediately found a job and enrolled in night school to learn computers and to re-enforce her knowledge of the language, in only a few years she re-validated her degree from Cuba and went back to teaching middle school, not really happy with the pay she decided to go into the postal service and has been a happy mail carrier for many years now.

Despite the struggles we faced she managed to raise me by herself without any help from anyone and give me everything I always wanted and more. I have a great relationship with my mom and can tell her anything, thanks to her easygoing and approachable persona. She is fun to be around and everyone that knows her loves her. Even now after the big 50 she is still remains a happy silly child…judge her yourself from the photos below taken this past Sunday on Mother’s Day.

Her name “Alina” is of Greek origin, and its meaning is “light

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Cherish The Moments, For They Are Like Candles In The Wind.

Our mere existence is but a collection of moments, the beauty of a moment and what makes it so special and unique is that it happens and then its gone forever like a flower which never blooms twice, you might have moments and flowers very similar to each other but they can never be the same. I think that is why is so important that we don’t forget to cherish every moment that has meaning to us; Look back at your grandmother face when she is smiling at you or telling you an old story because you might never get another moment like that again, have fun with your best friend while your young and innocent before life makes you go separate ways, enjoy every second of that first romantic picnic at the park with someone special who captured your heart once…and most of all remember every details of those moments because they are the fabric of your life.  Today is mothers day and most of us will see our mothers or at least talk to them on the phone if they are far way. I hope everyone can remember when they look at their mother’s face; the way she held you and protected you when you were just a baby, they she loved you and nurtured you even after you made mistakes, the sacrifices she made for your life to be better than hers today, all the sleepless nights she stood at your bed while you were sick giving you medicine and loving you until felt better.Take a minute and really enjoy this moment with your mom because one day it wot exist anymore and you will be glad you can remember every detail. Happy Mothers Day

The romance of an afternoon at the park

The beauty of a childhood memory

The surprised innocence of a child

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