My City Like You Never Seen Before

Miami has many enchanting places but nothing brings out the romance in me like standing by the venetian causeway at dusk, it simply transports me to another world. If you haven’t passed by here I absolutely recommend it during the twilight hours.

Summer sunsets in Miami can be magical too, California has nothing on us! Well maybe not, but still if you cant afford to travel at least you can spend an afternoon biking around downtown and you can be mesmerized by the sun rays turning Miami into a golden city of wonder! It’s not having what you want, is wanting what you got!

Miami can also be cold and charming in the 2 weeks of winter we experience here, specially because everyone seems to be in a good mood, maybe is due to the fact that we can show off our winter clothe which we all buy too much of considering how short our winter is here.  Never the less we Floridians prefer the summer for obvious reasons: the beach

Ok so our city might not be known for its historic architecture glory but its still there and everyone should check it out along with the museums and historical sites. Get to know your “neck of the woods” you might discover things you never knew! Be a tourist in your backyard!

Brickell Key is enchanting, taking a walk, gazing at the bay and spotting a dolphin here and there are just part of the magic. Seriously people if you get a chance stop by this mini city of wonder.

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A Tragic Legacy We Must Never Forget

Ok, so I know most people don’t usually like to see photos that are depressing or gruesome in a way, but as a photographer I must try to capture images that are powerful and capable of stirring our human emotions.(to a certain extend off course) I think what makes photography so powerful is the message it can convey in a single photograph. This weekend I took a trip to the “Holocaust Memorial” located in Miami Beach and what I experienced while taking some of these shots was nothing less than heart-breaking. Most of the Sculptures are life size which makes you connect to them immediately, as I walked down the long hallways which were embedded with millions of names of those victims from the holocaust, I started to transport myself to that time and became one of them.  The sounds of children angelically singing in the background enhance your emotions as you walk further in reaching the circular dome where the main sculpture is located. As I got near to the center of the dome I felt as if I myself was walking towards a gas chamber and grabbing my camera became a bit difficult at times. The expression on the faces of these statues are so frightening that you leave these place haunted by the memories of those poor souls.  I truly experience something supernatural this weekend and I have the utmost respect for the artist who build this memorial because he truly did captured the essence of this horrific era for humanity.  This said, I hope no one ever forgets , so that it never happens again.

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My Brain is on Vacation: Destination Color Red.

Exhausted from the constant billions of ideas, decisions, and memories in my head. My brain and I decided to part ways for a few hours we both felt it deserved a getaway from the daily harmony of my endless thoughts. As you know it is impossible to rest our minds completely so I promised my brain I would only think about the color red therefore limiting its activity and providing some colorful resting location it can enjoy peacefully. So I picked my Camera with my limited brain activity and all and decided to take some shots here is what I got:

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Modern Gardening Can Save You A Penny Or Two

Ok, unless you have been living under a rock for the past 2 years, it is very clear that a once innocent trip to the supermarket has now become a rather unpleasant experience for your wallet. Prices in food (Specially Organic and Low Carb.) have been raised sky high while salaries have been sliced right down to the bone…and then you wonder why the fast food chains are making billions now at days and obesity has become a way of life for the masses.

Well many think that having a garden is too much work and not worth the time…WRONG! In the last couple of years I have saved tons of money in food, I cook more often and healthier thanks to my own private mini farm…oh and the best part is that I don’t live in a house, that’s right people I live in modern high rise with a glass balcony slammed in the urban noise of the downtown Miami area.

Here are some ideas and costs:

Take a trip to Home Depot or Wal-Mart and buy a few essential potted herbs like; Basil, Culantro, Cilantro, Mint, Oregano, and Rosemary (these are like $3 or $4 bucks a pot)

Get a bag of soil (any kind really for about $6-$8) and one of those long square pots so that you can fit 4 or 5 herb plants nicely.

In Addition to the herbs “Pepper Plants” or “Onion Plants” are very cheap and make a great investment in the long run.  Choose an area of your patio or balcony that receives a lot of sunlight and place your plants. Water every other day and BOOM!!! In less than a month you will have your very own Mini-Farm…lol    Here some photos from when I started my garden…enjoy;

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This is my neighbor’s doggy who greets me every time I’m out in the balcony.  There is nothing like a big furry face with droopy eyes and floppy ears peeking through calling at you for attention, to provide you with an instant warm feeling of AWWWWWWW!

I wish people were more like animals sometimes!

Hidden Treasures in your Backyard

If you are like most people in Miami, you probably think that there is only 5  things to do here for fun; dining, going to the movies, partying in a club, visiting an art gallery or going to the beach.  WRONG – I urge you to give your city a chance!  Just recently I rediscovered Bayfront Park for example – who knew this little park stuck in the center of greasy downtown would have such wonders – This hidden urban oasis is filled with life and beauty not to mention all the activities that take place on a weekly basis that go sadly unnoticed to general public.  I dare you to become a tourist in your own city and I guarantee you that you will be amazed with your findings. The shots below are all from Bayfront Park and were all taken one  morning a couple of weeks ago, enjoy!!!

Some Facts:

Bayfront Park, was redesigned in the 1980s. An attractive feature is the electronically controlled Pepper Fountain. Other highlights include an amphitheater used for musical performances of all kinds, a tower for laser illuminations, and three important monuments: the Torch of Friendship, symbolizing Miami’s relationships with the countries of Central and South America; the World War II Memorial; and the Challenger Memorial, commemorating the crew of the Challenger spacecraft which exploded in 1986.

This are some black & white shots from there as well…enjoy

Silence in the City

It is quite quiet here in midtown Miami tonight… for a Saturday night that is, usually when I sit in my soft and comfortable papasan chair nicely located in the 27th floor of Midtown 2 I’m accompanied by the never resting soundtrack of the city traffic, people yelling and walking down by the streets, horns calling residents to come out and join the party, etc. I ask myself could it have anything to do with this terrible economy? I myself hardly go out anymore on Saturday nights – I have exchanged going to the movies for netflix and itunes which conveniently provide me with everything I need… this is sad but true!  Biscayne blvd. is absolutely empty not even the homeless are out in the corners.  Is funny I always hate the noise of the city when im out here online and I try to block it out of my head so I can concentrate and tonight that is so quiet I kinda miss the freaking noise because I cant seem to think of anything else but the fact that is so quiet! Time for bed I think…Peace