Bringing Back The Old Flavor

Recently I have been obsessed with turning every photo into a classic old relic. Mainly I blame my friend Yaime who introduced me to the Hipstmatic App on the iphone which lets you choose different lenses and films from different eras giving the photo more substance and a unique quality setting them aside from your average cellphone snapshot. I have been experimenting quite a bit with this app and I absolutely love it but last week I took it up a notch with another app called “LO-MOB” who Yaime aka Inception Master also managed to add to my addiction. This app lets you age the photos on so many levels you will do back flips when you see how awesome they come out….anyways I wanted to share some of my little experiments:

Myself March 2011

My Mom October 2010

Biscayne Bay February 2010

Siboney Beach, Cuba December 2010

Miami August 2010

Tower of Freedom, Miami May 2010

My Friend Yaime, April 1997

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