What is Boudoir Photography?


The term Boudoir derives from the French verb bouder, meaning “to sulk” or boudeur, meaning “sulky” and it was a lady’s private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room around the 1800’s.  Although a popular genre in the world of photography today, Boudoir is not a new concept and was very much a trend from the 1920s through the 1940s.

Boudoir photography can have many styles and suggest very different images. Typically shot in a photographer’s studio or luxury hotel suites, it has become fashionable to create a set of sensual or sexually suggestive images of women in “boudoir” although nudity is more often implied than explicit.

It is the art of photographing the body and personality while showing the feminine side, creating images where women can see their beauty reflected while providing them with a fun, refreshing and sexy experience. All women, regardless of age or constitution can convey sweetness and seduction. Generally boudoir sessions are intended as a special gift for someone, but it can be an absolutely empowering gift for ladies to celebrate their beauty for themselves. “At the end of it all, it is about the experience itself”

At Jasmandii Studio, we like to bring it up a notch and mix in the style of “Burlesque” using many props and accessories, we create a vintage atmosphere with a cabaret/carnival touch, but mostly artistic. It works perfect for clients who wish to show less skin, but still desire to achieve that sexy look. The Hair and make-up are a vital part of evoking an image of another era and allows us to complete the look that together with the lighting, the costume and the accessories will end up being a resounding piece of art.

No doubt that any woman can fall in love with this style! So be it “Boudoir”, “Burlesque” or simply glamorous and splendorous lingerie detailed session…. Jasmandii Studio, will know how to best highlight your feminine beauty.


Always remember that every woman is beautiful, and confidence and self-esteem are not given to us by other people – It is up to ourselves, we should learn to love our bodies and appreciate it.  Our photography allows us to help our clients discover not only their external beauty but also their inner goddess!


A Tragic Legacy We Must Never Forget

Ok, so I know most people don’t usually like to see photos that are depressing or gruesome in a way, but as a photographer I must try to capture images that are powerful and capable of stirring our human emotions.(to a certain extend off course) I think what makes photography so powerful is the message it can convey in a single photograph. This weekend I took a trip to the “Holocaust Memorial” located in Miami Beach and what I experienced while taking some of these shots was nothing less than heart-breaking. Most of the Sculptures are life size which makes you connect to them immediately, as I walked down the long hallways which were embedded with millions of names of those victims from the holocaust, I started to transport myself to that time and became one of them.  The sounds of children angelically singing in the background enhance your emotions as you walk further in reaching the circular dome where the main sculpture is located. As I got near to the center of the dome I felt as if I myself was walking towards a gas chamber and grabbing my camera became a bit difficult at times. The expression on the faces of these statues are so frightening that you leave these place haunted by the memories of those poor souls.  I truly experience something supernatural this weekend and I have the utmost respect for the artist who build this memorial because he truly did captured the essence of this horrific era for humanity.  This said, I hope no one ever forgets , so that it never happens again.

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Mimo: An Adorable Cat-astrophe

Looking at this little furry body as he yawns in irresistible cuteness makes it all worth it. BUT! Let me digress to five minutes before when he was jumping all around the furniture stretching his over-sized claws (I swear those things are huge, not to mention sharp as knives) on my brand new white leather sofa…ouch! Knocking down everything on his path from remote controls to magazines at the speed of light, catching him is near to impossible unless you’re holding an open can of Fancy-Feast.

Unable to reason with this mini-lion, I had to take some measures to ensure the safety of my valuables. Two trips to Target, three cover blankets, and $35.00 later my whole apartment was finally “Kitten-Proof” not even a drunk baby could get hurt in there. You might ask, what about the dogs Shanty my Dalmatian and Yuna my Jack-Russell Mix? Well…they have also fallen victims of  Mimo, “The Conquistador” who has managed to conquer areas in my apartment like the sofa, counter, bedroom, and bathroom which are strictly forbidden to the dogs. (In other words they are pretty jealous) but at the end of day who can say no to this adorable face.

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

And the story begins with an innocent stroll around the park in Midtown a few weeks ago when I decided to take the camera for a walk hoping to catch something interesting…little did I know that I was going to be plunged into a 2010 cuban version of  the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock ‘s Classic Horror Film “The Birds”   – You all know I am a huge animal lover, but for some reason birds have it out for me! First that crazy goose who chased me around for 20 minutes during my visit to the farm and now this. I don’t get it, I  was never one of those kids who threw rocks at them when I was young or anything so I’m guessing its deeper…I must be paying for something I did in one of my past lives…anyways back to me walking by the park when suddenly I see this baby pigeon on the sidewalk, and  like any good-hearted yuppie I approached it immediately to see what was wrong.  BIG MISTAKE! I got attacked by a dozen or so crows that apparently had been feasting on the poor defenseless bird who most likely fell from its nest. I took the baby bird while I ran shouting & cursing loudly at the peak of my “cuban chusmeria” and I threw one of my flip-flops at them – I swear it looked like a scene from the “Que Pasa USA Show” and those suckers would not stop until I finally was able to get away…Here is a photo a took of the baby pigeon once the danger was over.

Sadly soon after I took this photo I realized that the this little guy was really hurt, bleeding from his chest, so I hurried and got in my truck and flew towards the Pelican Rescue on 79th Ave in North Bay Village. I know they take injured birds and although it was already getting dark they have these cages outside where you can put the injured animal and they monitor those cages every hour to check for drop offs.  A few minutes after swarming through the traffic I got there and found the drop-off cage and I placed it inside.  To my surprise there was a friendly Pelican at the door who didn’t seemed to hate me so I took a photo of him too.

I only hope the pigeon survived the injuries.  I didn’t call back the next morning – I didn’t want to know, but At least I gave it a fighting chance!  Oh and by the way – look how nice the Marina looks at dusk over by this place.

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My Brain is on Vacation: Destination Color Red.

Exhausted from the constant billions of ideas, decisions, and memories in my head. My brain and I decided to part ways for a few hours we both felt it deserved a getaway from the daily harmony of my endless thoughts. As you know it is impossible to rest our minds completely so I promised my brain I would only think about the color red therefore limiting its activity and providing some colorful resting location it can enjoy peacefully. So I picked my Camera with my limited brain activity and all and decided to take some shots here is what I got:

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My Mother: “The Eternal Miss Congeniality”

Style, beauty and poise never lacked in this native cubana, armed with an endless sense of humor, a truck load of courage, and the determination of warrior, she has conquered life among other things…Since I can remember my mom has always been surrounded by great friends so I grew up learning to appreciate friendship thanks to her. It’s incredible till this day she still maintains close relationships with most of her childhood friends regardless of the fact that they are in different countries.

Most of my childhood memories have to do with my mom doing some kind of singing or dancing… oh and laughing profusely about silly things. During the course of her career as an English teacher while I was still a child she managed to never lose track of her loved ones and she played the role of motherhood to perfection. We had many dogs roaming our house when I was kid because my mother loved animals and always did her best to rescue them and protect them, this love taught me humility and kindness and it has inspired me my entire life. Thanks Mom!

Not all has been fun and games for her unfortunately, my grandmother who was scheduled to travel with us when we first came to the US from Cuba back in 1993 suddenly passed away 2 weeks before our departure. The loss of my grandmother was devastating for both of us, specially for my mom who had lost my grandfather the year before and which need to cope with the fact that she was going to be completely alone in a new country with a 10 year old to raise (Me) by herself.

Upon our arrival to Miami my mother immediately found a job and enrolled in night school to learn computers and to re-enforce her knowledge of the language, in only a few years she re-validated her degree from Cuba and went back to teaching middle school, not really happy with the pay she decided to go into the postal service and has been a happy mail carrier for many years now.

Despite the struggles we faced she managed to raise me by herself without any help from anyone and give me everything I always wanted and more. I have a great relationship with my mom and can tell her anything, thanks to her easygoing and approachable persona. She is fun to be around and everyone that knows her loves her. Even now after the big 50 she is still remains a happy silly child…judge her yourself from the photos below taken this past Sunday on Mother’s Day.

Her name “Alina” is of Greek origin, and its meaning is “light

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Modern Gardening Can Save You A Penny Or Two

Ok, unless you have been living under a rock for the past 2 years, it is very clear that a once innocent trip to the supermarket has now become a rather unpleasant experience for your wallet. Prices in food (Specially Organic and Low Carb.) have been raised sky high while salaries have been sliced right down to the bone…and then you wonder why the fast food chains are making billions now at days and obesity has become a way of life for the masses.

Well many think that having a garden is too much work and not worth the time…WRONG! In the last couple of years I have saved tons of money in food, I cook more often and healthier thanks to my own private mini farm…oh and the best part is that I don’t live in a house, that’s right people I live in modern high rise with a glass balcony slammed in the urban noise of the downtown Miami area.

Here are some ideas and costs:

Take a trip to Home Depot or Wal-Mart and buy a few essential potted herbs like; Basil, Culantro, Cilantro, Mint, Oregano, and Rosemary (these are like $3 or $4 bucks a pot)

Get a bag of soil (any kind really for about $6-$8) and one of those long square pots so that you can fit 4 or 5 herb plants nicely.

In Addition to the herbs “Pepper Plants” or “Onion Plants” are very cheap and make a great investment in the long run.  Choose an area of your patio or balcony that receives a lot of sunlight and place your plants. Water every other day and BOOM!!! In less than a month you will have your very own Mini-Farm…lol    Here some photos from when I started my garden…enjoy;

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